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Free Beaded Soutache Video Lessons

As you may already know by now, I love, love, love video tutorials! So when I found out that Amee K. Sweet of Amee Runs With Scissors now offers free video lessons for a couple of her soutache projects, I just had to go over to her site and check them out! And, I wasn't disappointed.

If you've ever wanted to discover what all the fuss about Beaded Soutache is then you need to check out her videos for the Blossom Pendant for Anu pictured above as well as the Earrings for Anu. Amee came to Houston and taught several workshops for Houston Bead Society several years ago and not only were they fun to do, but she was a hoot too!

Click HERE to visit her site and learn more about Beaded Soutache or even try your hand at one of the projects.

Project and Photo by Amee K. Sweet of Amee Runs With Scissors

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