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August 2021 Beading

Our HBS is still thinking about when & where to get back to in person meetings. Write us a note if you have thoughts on this topic. I have embarked on a beaded Wildflower Master Class with Laura McCabe. It's all on a "Zoom-like" platform with Vimeo. This is her 3rd & final session on wildflowers. There are 8 sessions, getting a video link once a week. The class included kits for flowers of focus in each week. It's a challenge to keep up, but it's lots of beading with lots of growth in skill.

I've noticed that the demise of hard copy beading magazines have spurred Interweave to offer an online annual subscription to a crafting community that includes beading & jewelry. I may join for a year to see how it works out for me.

Also, face to face bead shows are starting up in various parts of the country. You have to search for the locations to see if their schedules are holding up in light of local COVID conditions.


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