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Easy Fall Inspired Beaded Bracelet

Let's face it - once Halloween is over, the rest of the holidays fly by. So, I thought I would pass on this super easy Fall Inspired Beaded Bracelet for you all to try out. Yes, it is super easy and super fast to create, so you can make one in plenty of time to wear it for Thanksgiving!

This one uses size 6 beads, but I would definitely try using 8s too. And, don't you just love that easy button closure too?

Full of wonderful Fall colors along with some cute little leaf charms or sliders, you will wear this one over and over again. And, don't be surprised if you get lots of requests for them either.

Head on over to Crafts Unleased by Consumer Crafts by clicking HERE to find out how to make one for yourself.

(Photo and Project by Crafts Unleased by Consumer Crafts).

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